Xross Country Runner Links

Whether you are on the XC team or just an avid runner, the following links will help you develop a more customized and personal running experience. Although getting started running long distances can be tough, once your body is in condition it can be one of the more enjoyable things you'll ever do.

Xross Country Shoes - Information and how to know what YOU need for your feet


Eastbay Athletics Online Shop - always tend to have great shoes at great prices, or the newest of the new models if money is no object.
- For example, for $29.99 they have the Saucony Shay XC Flat - Men's shoes

Proper form techniques for long distance running

(Keep in mind I have selected information that I have found to personally be legitimate information and will coach you in, but there is a LOT of theory out there)

www.runningplanet.com/training/running-form.html - runningplanet.com has a TON of resources, and some of them are pay-for-use types, but there are still a lot of free sources of information. This does a nice job of looking over your running form, which is MUCH different than that of a short-distance sprinter.

- I found this article to be very informative and in great agreement in how I believe a runner should futher develop their running form. Check some of the links contained in the article out. We will look atusing some of these ideas at practice.
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